31 December 2010

Last day on 2010. I have pass all of this year, sadness and happiness. Love, life, body, mind and soul. All the part of this year!

What I Did ?

Love : Early of this year full of happiness, big dream of my love life. In the middle of this year, I felt my life is over but then in the end of this year my dream almost come true. It’s still the same me with the new hope with another person.

: My daily job just passed like the other day. 2 Semester on this year, with hundreds students. This is my busy year, really like doesn’t have boss on my lab. But honestly, I love this job.

Friendship : My high school friend is the best I ever had. Anytime, anywhere I need them, they always be there for me. My IE friend, this year just passed like the other friends.

: My true love forever, my mom, my dad and 2 of my brother. Irham with his academy life, Afni with his new job as junior field engineer at PLN, my mother with her life as housewife, and my dad (my big daddy) with his job. And me? I’m trying to be a good daughter and big sister, always do the best and be the best for my family. Most of all, I love my family ever.

Actually, my new year has come two days ago. When my 25th birthday come, now I’m enjoying my new life. But of course, there’s no new year without resolution. I have own list



-with love-


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